The Petition

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Written in the first person and submitted as a world declaration asserting our united status as Beings. This, to be presented to all human Beings representing all living Beings, «unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno», one for all and all for one.


I Declare I Am, That In Light Of All Identities Used & Associations Made, I Am First and Foremost A Being Amongst All Living Beings

I stand as one with all who live, and state my unifying name as “Being”, fully aware and conscious of being. I am the undersigned, and I am in accordance with the distinction of our name Being (with a capital B) as primary and universally representative of all living Beings.

Acknowledged henceforth and effective immediately, all worldwide documents, declarations and reference sources honour this personal declaration with all living Beings, and primarily use Being as our true living name above all sub-categorizing identities, titles, classes, labels, assimilations, categories, definitions and associations.

Beyond measure, we are each one unique living Being, and we respect all which entails safeguarding the wellbeing and nurturing the sanctity of life for all Beings.

This I sign, as I truthfully declare I Am.

“I am, I live, I sign.”

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