Declaring “I am”

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
~ E. E. Cummings

Assert Our Name
We are human Beings. I assert I am a human Being and with language, I communicate as one with all living Beings and declare, “I am”. You are a human Being, you communicate as one with all living Beings and also declare “I am”. We are sentient Beings amongst all living Beings on, with and beyond earth.

Beings represent all of nature. Beings represent every specimen of life, Beings represent every animal and every human, and rather pertinently, it is a natural fact that only Beings live.

Only Beings live, have organs, require air to breath, flowing water, strong health, prosperity and overall wellbeing in truth, love, personally-defined purpose, personal growth and experiences, unfolding passions and talents for self & all to enjoy & behold.

Each unique from every other, Beings also live lives of their own, share moments of their lives with others and experience a multitude of shared existences throughout their lives. These existences are shared with legal fictions, names, symbols, labels, logos, brands, pseudonyms, acronyms, etc, each of which have no life of their own, each only existing, and that, in or out of our lives.

Human Beings are on a journey of awareness, which has momentarily been interrupted by extraneous forces.
~ Carlos Castaneda

Being with a capital B
A capital B in Being is used to distinguish the name from the verb being.

We are not only human
Seeing as we are not only human, referring to human Beings as “humans” only enables the sectarian treatment that follows, divided from nature, for instance. Does naming us “humans” (disregarding the name Being) serve an objectionable objective, a learned profession-sustaining belief or an unwittingly misguided intension?

The Definition Of Collective
The name ‘Being’ stands for one and everyone who are Beings, above all secondary names of any collective, entity, political association, religious affiliation, sex, race, age, class, department, status, etc.

Forming a team, a staff, a board or a crew, coordinating the strength of many ideally benefits each, their engagement and the intended goal or outcome.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
~ Phil Jackson

The Hegelian dialectic
A truth-manipulating tactic used on the masses known as the Hegelian dialectic, where “thesis – antithesis – synthesis”, better described as “create a problem – get a reaction – come to a compromise” manipulates truth and perceptions, invariably mold’s future generations of divided collectives to follow misled lies.

Groups that rival with one another 
Collectives can just as much serve the advancement of humankind as it bring about its own demise. At worst, the formation of rivalling collectives (opposing groups duelling in dualism) encourages the mass manipulation tactic of ‘divide and conquer’, that is, divided are we conquered.

Collectivism is the intentional grouping of individuals, and the only way to collectivize individuals is to associate them into collectives.

  1. Distinguish or form the collective
  2. Give the collective a name/logo/symbol/label
  3. Label individuals as the collective
  4. Identify individuals with the name/logo/symbol/label of the collective
  5. Bond an affinity toward the collective’s name/logo/symbol/label
  6. Relate with these individuals as the collective’s name/logo/symbol/label

Deciphered, ‘divide and conquer’ is attained by the formation of collectives to create illusory identifications by associating every individual as one or many collectives names/logos/symbols/labels.

A collective with it’s given name/sign/logo/symbol/label is not a living Being, since a collective does not live. A collective exists, but only as a name, a logo, a symbol, a label.

Recommended: G. Edward Griffin The Collectivist Conspiracy,

Important to note: There is no such thing as a collective declaring “I am”.

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.”
~ Confucius

Differentiate Between Life & Existence
No collective what-so-ever, only Beings need nourishment, shelter, etc. Although there is no such thing as a collective without Beings (for the sake of awareness), it is clear that since a collective does not live and only exists, this simple (re)adjustment in our universal use of the words LIVE and EXIST is to use them absolutely accurately, to be clear and true with how relationships manifest between everyone in and out of collective associations and mis-associations. This, to cease misleads, misrepresentation, misinterpretation and mis-empowerment once and for all.

Disappearing Trick
When thoroughly thought through, this “human beings” linguistic disappearing trick of omitting “Being” out right initiates segregating (hence grouping) “humans” by race, by color, by ethnic background, by age, by class, by sex, by sexual orientation, by bracket, by code, by rank, by culture, by language, by beliefs, by views, by frame of minds, by affiliation, by association and so on. Classification, categorization, segregation and separation spreads vicariously throughout relations due to this initial vital communication flaw, the absence of the one sane name we, all who live, share and bare and bear for more.

Another pertinent point of contention is in how “Being” is omitted from the definitions found in the US Code of law, revealing quite unabashedly how legal laws diminish living Beings down to the simplest manipulative form, top down from human to man to animal to pest to corps, none of which are clearly recognized, honoured, respected and treated as Beings. U.S.Code Title 7 › Chapter 6 › Subchapter II › § 136 – Definitions

Another contrived display of humanized programming is found in wikipedia’s definition of “human being”. When typing “human being”, the title is “human”, and whether ironically or on purpose, both the verb and the name “being” are scarcely used throughout the entire document.

What Does Calling Ourselves Humans Serve?
It must be said that the interpretation of us as only humans benefits the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, psychological and psychiatric-dependent industries, the military industrial complex, all forms of government and rulership, genetic modification, eugenics, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, along with vested financial, marketing, entertainment and media fields and education programming in how “human” is collectivizing, dividable, influenceable, psychological, emotional, physical, organic, chemical, biological, label-able…, corporatize-able. [related topic]

Note: René Descartes is actually MISQUOTED When saying, “I think, therefore I am.” The direct translation of “Dubito ergo cogito; cogito ergo sum.” is “I doubt, therefore I think; I think therefore I am.”

The actual quote supports “I am” more than “I” think, as one must ‘be’ in order to doubt one’s thoughts, what others think, and more, what the establishment wants us to think. Referencing hired think tanks en masse.

Many hundreds of years now, to suit a system of deprivation, have all Beings separated into collectives every way possible, by collective identifications, by corporate-led competitive means, rivalry, even between nations which, too, are corporations! To stand with entire living universe is to follow first and foremost the Laws of Nature, for governmental and economic regulations and the legal system are outright inferior to the universal Laws of Nature, also known as Natural Law. All Beings with no exceptions.

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May connecting, communicating and aligning our experiences, knowledge and awareness with Natural Law prevail during this time of transformation out of ignorance, carelessness, reaction and fear into awareness, care, action and love. For all who are, who are a life above all existing names, signs, logos, symbols and labels, we are each a living Being, naturally.